Are you looking for professional VOIP internet calling services? Logical Moderator Solutions offers you prepaid VOIP termination for top-quality rates. Whether you are a carrier, reseller, VoIP service provider, or a small business, call center, or call shop, you do not need a minimum volume to take advantage of the best wholesale rates on the market!

We are an experienced outsourcing company, doing business since 2012, and have been supplying various services to foreign companies ever since, mainly in the Netherlands but also in England and we continue to grow and learn. We can, however, do a lot more work and would like that too so we are now also offering professional Prepaid VOIP Termination for your business.

Advantages of using VOIP Termination include:

  • Cost saving
  • Accessibility
  • Flexibility
  • Voice Quality
  • Extra/Less Expensive Features

Cost saving: Only one bill for your internet and phone

As the VOIP service uses your internet connection to be functional, there is no need for a traditional phone line to make or receive calls. What does this mean? You will only need to deal with one account, one bill for both internet and phone instead of two separate ones. PC to PC calls over the internet are free, but calls from PC to landline usually have a cost attached but the rates are a lot less than with a traditional phone line.

Accessibility: Distance does not matter with VOIP

Whether you are calling your main office from China or South Africa, the distance does not matter with VOIP calling. As long as both parties are connected to the World Wide Web, communication is possible.

Flexibility: Increase connections more easily

Do you experience limitations with your current private internal network? A VoIP network is a lot more flexible than a private phone internal network. With private internal phone networks there is a limit in how many phones can be added to the system based on the number of lines available within the system whereas with a VoIP network, you are only limited by bandwidth. This means that thousands of connections can be created using only this available bandwidth. 

Voice Quality based on bandwidth quality

Are you doubting the quality of phone calls via VoIP? The voice quality of a VoIP call is related to the quality of your bandwidth. In most cases, you will get voice quality that is at least equal to a traditional phone connection. In some cases even better.

Extra Less Expensive Features with VoIP

With traditional phone services, you get a limited amount of features for which you usually will need to pay more, but VoIP is different. With VoIP, you can benefit from features like call forwarding, voicemail, caller ID, and even three-way calling. You can also exchange data like pictures and documents all while you’re having a conversation. This allows you to include people from multiple business locations throughout the world.

We leave nothing to chance

Logical Moderator Solutions leaves nothing to chance. All the services we do are completely taken care of to the wishes of our customers. Our company has more than 500 employees who have the knowledge and skills to help you with the prepaid VOIP termination service we offer you in the most efficient, fast, and cost-saving manner possible. If you decide to take our VOIP Termination Services, you can be assured of quality service, convenience, and good customer support. Start your VOIP Termination Service at us today! Contact us via our contact form.