You probably have started your first eCommerce webshop and as time went by, it grew into a more successful business, up to a point you now realize it requires a lot of hard work to keep all the product data updated. Entering the product data in time and regularly can get extremely challenging, enormous, and as a result: time-consuming.

The data entry services Logical Moderator Solutions offers, allow you to save time and money, so you can focus on your core business: selling your amazing products. Our experts will work in close communication with you to ensure your webshop is optimally updated at all times.

We can help you enter product details such as images, resize and crop them, manufacturer data, product specifications, quantity, product descriptions, etc. with full accuracy. Additionally, we can add more details like product size, weight, material, and promotional discounts. Our coordinators can make sure each product is placed under the right product category so customers can easily find them. If you have bigger volumes of products to be added, we can upload them in bulk for you using CSV spreadsheets.

Product image editing is also possible

Images play an important role in webshops. On your request, we can make sure product details are aligned with the right product images. If required we can work on your product images as well. Cropping, resizing, contrast, and light correction can all be done by us. If the background needs some editing, perhaps it’s unattractive, we can erase the background for you and extract these products on your request. We can produce product images of all kinds, you just need to tell us what your requirements are.

Data entry and product descriptions

On product descriptions, we make sure these are all written correctly. We have different kinds of agents who write different languages according to your needs. Our main languages are Dutch and English, but we can also provide more languages. Just let us know upfront what your requirements are. We can go research each product and create unique product descriptions if needed.

How you can deliver your product data to us

We can handle all kinds of file types. You could provide us with your product data in Microsoft Excel, PDF, or even in hard copy. If necessary we can take data from flyers, magazines, or books. We can work on your product titles and meta descriptions to ensure your webshop is optimized for search engines.

We leave nothing to chance

Our company has more than 500 employees who have the knowledge and skills to help you with the data entry services we offer you in the most efficient, fast, and cost-saving manner possible and ensure your webshop is updated at all times. Logical Moderator Solutions leaves nothing to chance. All the services we do are completely taken care of to the wishes of our customers. If you decide to let us do your data entry for you, you can be assured of quality service, convenience, and good customer support. Let us start to offer you this data entry service today! Contact us via our contact form.